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August Course Starts

Aug 14 - Sept 24: *First Course of Series* North American Electrical System

Aug 21 - Sept 17: Leadership & Organizations

September Course Starts

Sept 11 - Nov 19: Compliance and Stakeholder Management

October Course Starts

Oct 9 - Nov 12: Utility Arboriculture

Oct 9 - Nov 12: Program & Project Management







Certificate Description

This applied, comprehensive professional training program is designed and facilitated by industry professionals, who will lead you through the application of additional knowledge and skills to plan and manage sustainable utility vegetation management (UVM) programs. The UVM Professional Certificate is composed of 3 courses, is 100% online and can be completed in one year. Courses are designed to enhance the understanding and application of industry's best practices including regulation compliance, stakeholder communications, budgeting, procurement processing, risk assessment, and safety program management within sustainable utility corridor planning.  

Target Audience

The UVM Professional Certificate program is designed for utility foresters within the utility and arboricultural industry who can apply coursework in their current work situation or with a close UVM mentorship partner.  To develop and enhance their knowledge and skills related to developing and implementing UVM programs, participants with need access to policies and documents within their current workplaces so a letter of support from your employer or mentor is strongly encouraged. This program is a pathway for career development and advancement.

UVM Professional Certificate Overview

The Certificate is comprised of a series of 3, 10-week courses: 

  1.   UVM Compliance and Stakeholder Management;
  2.   UVM Scope, Cost, and Procurement Management;
  3.   UVM Safety, Risk, and Quality Management;


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